Hi, Junior here just back from the Nationals.  Whew, you talk about fun!  Nothin' but Frenchies 24/7.  I don't know which end is up right now there were so many dogs to say hello to.  I saw my sister Sunny whom I haven't seen for 7 months.  The pictures below are of Sunny and her Big Win in the 9-12 Month Puppy Bitches Sweepstakes!  I told ya she was a cutie pie!  

I also meet one of my cousins there Lisette(Fabelhaft Adora-Belle).  She was the most fun of all the dogs there.  I've put her picture up on the relatives page.  

The other buddy I made was Jerry(MGM's Might Fine Wine).  He was entered in the Obedience Novice B.  He is the Strongest Dog Pound for Pound that I've ever met!  His mom Pam says his play buddy is a big Ol' Rottie.  

Well gotta run, another nap is calling my name.


Jerry sez "Hey what's this thing you're wearing"?

Junior and Jerry Again
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