This is Junior's Pop Hunter

Also known as CH Bandog's The Night Stalker
Owned by Felice Chait

This is the Bullytin with Junior's Parents on the cover!

This is Junior's Mom Zsa Zsa
Also known as CH Fireside's ZsaZsa Gabor of MGM
Owned by Felice Chait

This is Junior's Sis Sunny
Also known as MGM's Fireside Diva
Owned by Wendy Teach

This is Jerry, another one of Junior's cousins.  

Also know as MGM's Mighty Fine Wine
Owned by Pam & Stewart Loeb

This is one of Junior's Cousins Lisette
This is Junior's Grandpop Gambit
Also known as CH Bandog's One In A Million
This is Junior's Grandma Daffy
Also known as Ch. Bandog's Cache
This is Junior's Grandpop Gambit
Also known as  CH Bandog's One In A Million
This Puffy Don't Pack no Heat!
This is Junior's Grandma Puff
Also known as Ch. Fireside's Puff Of Smoke
Even Farther Back!!

CH Adams' Gambler Of Linewood

CH Adams' Hot Stuff

CH Adams' King Of The Road

CH Adams' Ruff N' Ready

CH Adams' Unique Physique

CH Balihai Pia's Keena

CH Balhai's Quad

CH Bandog's Earnin' Respect

CH Bandog's Joy To The World

CH Campisi's All American Clown

CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole

CH Cox's Goodtime Aprille

CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown

CH Cox's Goodtime Dandy Andy

CH Cox's Goodtime Dorene

CH Cox's Goodtime La Tigre

CH Cox's Goodtime Mindy Lou

CH Cox's Goodtime Petite Gidget

CH Cox's Goodtime Pierre

CH Cox's Goodtime 
Pierre Of  K N' D

CH Enstrom's Piece Of The Rock

CH Fairmont's Goodtime Minnie

CH Fairmont's Heart To Beat

CH Fairmont's Radar Ahead

CH Hampton's Gabreille

CH Jaguar's Ajax Rocko

CH Jaguar's Creme de la Creme

CH Le Bulls Diana Of Ragtime

CH Mademoiselle Eve

CH Roquefort VD Zuylenstede

CH Smashers Francine

CH Smith's Bon Mot

CH Smith's Petite Maitre

CH Sun Oak Sunspot

CH Taurustrail Fearless

CH Fishers Fabulous Fritz

CH Terrette's Chef D'Oeuvre Gamin

CH Terrette's Enchantress

CH Terrette's Fils De Bijou

CH Terrette's Goldilock D'Peche

CH Terrette's Chef D'Oeuvre

CH Terrette's Tourbillon D'Gamin

CH Terrette's Tourbillon Orage

CH Nanine Boule De Neige De Bedal

Junior's Pedigree
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